Light sadness, shallow regret, deep pain. Where does life have the youth without complaint? How can there be people who don't regret? Buddha said: This is a Saha world, Saha is sorry. Imperfection is perfection; regret is perfection; instant is eternity. The most beautiful thing about time is its blank. Baodai love, in the fireworks have not yet arrived, has already fallen, such as half open bud, beautiful. A Red Mansions, only write half, leave the world, endless fans. Different beauty, different feeling. Grateful years, in the most beautiful time, gave me the most beautiful memories. Thanksgiving life, in the most beautiful season, meet the most beautiful you. Thank you, my dear friend, with the most pure love, warm my life. [2] Xu Zhimo said: "there should be at least one time in my life when I forget myself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership or even love. I just want to meet you in my most beautiful years." Love is as deep as the sea, only this is the reason. Just ask you to have no resentment and forgive the fatalistic arrangement. Everyone is a passer-by from heaven and earth. They are all on the way. This road, there is no starting point, there is no end point, so quietly extend to the beginning, the final. Thank you this life, in the most beautiful intersection of life, we meet in the most beautiful way. Thank you for your deep love, give me the warmth of my life, also thank you for your eyes, give me the sweetest pain.